DeskWinNC Controller Command API
The following Commands are available from the DeskWinAPI Dll to directly control the DeskWinNC Controller.
  • DeskWinGetFirmwareVersion
  • DeskWinPause
  • DeskWinContinue
  • DeskWinEndCurrentMove
  • DeskWinEmStop
  • DeskWinReset
  • DeskWinGetPosition
  • DeskWinSetPosition
  • DeskWinLinearMove
  • DeskWinHome
  • DeskWinSetArcDirection
  • DeskWinQuadrantArcMoveCW
  • DeskWinQuadrantArcMoveCCW
  • DeskWinDelay
  • DeskWinSetAccelleration
  • DeskWinSetOutput
  • DeskWinRapidMove
  • DeskWinSetFeedOverrideMax
  • DeskWinSetFeedOverride
  • DeskWinSetPWMOutput

Sample sourcecode is available for both Visual Basic and Delphi as a small programming example. Visual C users should download the Visual Basic sample and use the included Dll.
Download a small VB Sample Project.
Download a small Delphi Sample Project.