DeskNCrt is a G-Code interpreter that will translate standard G-Coded files and output step/direction signals directly to a Step/Direction Stepper Motor Driver.

DeskNCrt is based on the 'Enhanced Machine Controller' project adapted to run under a Real Time DOS Kernel. It is currently for three axis mills only. DeskNCrt has a 150 continuous move look ahead buffer. It can run in open loop or closed loop using a simple DRO board from Camtronics. It is Freeware. Use it with our compliments.
Supports the following G-Codes: G00 G01 G02 G03 G10 G17 G18 G19 G20 G21 G40 G41 G42 G43 G49 G53 G54 G55 G56 G57 G80 G81 G90 G91 G92 G92.2 G93 G94 G98 G99 
Runs under a Real Time 
DOS Microkernel:
There are six seperate tasks running at the same time under a Real Time DOS Microkernel.
  • G-Code interpreter with 150 move buffer.
  •  Motion control processes the buffer and determines tool position based on feedrate and acceleration values.
  • Sends Commanded position to stepper motor driver with the highest priority.
  • Command level interface allows you to enter commands or jog the table for corrections.
  • Message manager is responsible for delivering messages from the other tasks to the screen.
  • Display position shows the current axis position and following error 8 times per second.
Plus More!
  • Tool offsets with cutter compensation .
  • Helical interpolation. 
  • Continuous Motion Contouring with a 150 move look ahead buffer. 
  • Runs 'closed loop' using an inexpensive DRO Board available from Camtronics. 

This is a screen shot showing the wealth of information displayed while processing your files. 
The coordinate screen is updated at 8 times per second so you will always know exactly where your tool is located.

  • MSDOS 3.3 or Higher 
  • 600 kb