DeskWinNC interprets standard G-Coded files and sends motion commands to an external intelligent motion control board. The motion control board then processes these commands into step/direction signals that are sent to your step/direction driver through screw terminals. 

The DeskWinNC Controller Board.

You can see the 3D graphic representation of your part in this screen capture. 
You will be able to test your G-Code and actually see the result in 3D... BEFORE you ever make a single cut!
A PC Board routing machine controlled by DeskWinNC. Uses servo motors with Step/Direction type servo drivers.
Created from AutoCAD R14, DesKam, and Deskncrt closed loop.
Routing area = 8"x 6" with 3" of Z travel.
Spindle speed 12,000 Rpm's.
Rapids at 600 IPM.
Linear bearings on all 3 axis.
All homemade courtesy of Mark Hartings.
  • Toolpath location graphically updated in real time and in 3D. 
  • Syntax highlighted NC code editor. 
  • Fast block processing and previewing (more than 50,000 Blocks/sec on a P600). 
  • User defined jog distances. 
  • True Linear Acceleration Ramp (programmable) throughout the 40 - 25,000 SPS range. 
  • True 3 axis interpolation. 
  • +-8.3 Million step Absolute positioning.
  • 51 move First In/First Out Buffer. 
  • RS232 Intelligent Controller running at 115K Baud. 
  • Continuous Motion Contouring. 
  • Solid part viewing with Gouge Checking using OpenGL. 


  • Windows 95/98/Me/Nt/2000
  • Same Screw Pitch on X and Y Axis for Circular Interpolation
  • 9 Pin Serial Cable
  • 8 - 20 volt power supply
  • Enclosure for Controller Board


Develop your own Motion Control software using the DeskWinNC API Dll

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